Louis Vuitton Appoints Pharrell Williams as the new men’s creative director

Many of us Pharrell fans know him from the Neptune’s and his iconic hits and collaborations in the music Industry. The musician and music producer has been announced as the new successor to Virgil Abloh. Has come as a surprise for some friends but Pharrell has been influential figure in the fashion industry for over a decade’s unique sense of style and let’s not forget the iconic hat that broke the Internet back in 2014. Back in 2019 Pharrell became the first male ambassador for chanel and created a collaborative capsule collection. 

I think this is a good move by Louis Vuitton having been a big supporter of the brand and Virgil. Pharrell is creative genius and there’s no doubt this new Era for Louis Vuitton is about to take us on a exciting journey. I will be tuned in for his debut show at Men’s fashion week Paris in June.